When should I clean my OrcaFilter? August 17 2015

So we have had a few folks as us how frequently they should clean their OrcaFilter and the answer is, it depends...

There are a lot of variations that drive the frequency of cleaning but it is typically when the pressure coming out of the pump drops too low indicating the filter screen is highly clogged. As we have mentioned previously, the filter actually works better as it gets clogged as more and more finer particles get caught in the screen. Some of our customers are cleaning their filters every other day as they have a lot of pollen in the pool from surrounding trees. Some are cleaning every couple of weeks.

Here is a photo from our test pool which shows a filter that was still working well but we cleaned it anyway. It had been in the pump for 4 days. The white filaments on the filter are dead algae following addition of an algaecide. You can see the filter did a fine job removing the dead algae and there was still a lot in the pump housing which will get caught once we get the filter screen cleaned off and re-installed. Again, get to know how your pump feels when the filter is first installed and then keeps tabs on it as the filter get dirty.

When you clean the filter, remember to pull the screen all the way out. We will post a video of this on YouTube so you can see how we clean the screens off.