Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much will I save by using an OrcaFilter, compared to a disposable filter?
A The cost of an OrcaFilter is equal to 3 to 8 disposable filters.  If you buy an OrcaFilter there is no need to buy any more filters.
Q Will it fit into my pool pump like my original filter does?
A Yes our filter fits just like your throw away did.  You should visit our filter-sizing chart here to verify your filter against the models we have available, but generally, the filters are interchangeable, even between manufacturers.  If you are unsure, send us an email and we will be in touch with you shortly.  
Q How often do I have to clean an OrcaFilter?
A The longer you leave our filter in the more it filters, but we recommend you clean your OrcaFilter every 2 weeks.  How do filters work?  When water passes through your cartridge filter, dirt is screened out at the surface of the cartridge element. When clean, the element will trap larger particles, with finer particles being filtered out as the pores of the element become clogged by the larger debris so there is a limit to how long you should leave it before cleaning.  So if you leave it in longer it filters more dirt, take out and clean sooner will have more pressure but less dirt cleaning.  For cleaning instructions, click here.
Q Are the parts of the filter chemical resistant?
A Yes. The body of the filter is ABS Plastic and the filter mesh is PVC/fiberglass. The rubber bands are EPDM rubber and the gaskets we use are Santoprene, both of which have great resistance across the spectrum of temperatures and chemicals used in pools and spas.
Q How does my pump work better with an OrcaFilter?
A If you want your pool to stay clean the chem/water has to circulate a lot. If you have a dirty filter the pump works harder and the chem/water will not clean the pool.  By cleaning the filter frequently, you keep your pool pump running in the best condition possible.
Q If I buy your filter is there anything else I will need to keep my filter working great?
A With our filter there is nothing else to buy, unlike some of the other filters, where you have to buy more parts to keep filter operating.  However, some customers choose to buy additional mesh screens and dispose of these instead of cleaning them and others buy a spare mesh screen so they have a spare to swap into the filter housing so they don't have to clean the dirty screen immediately.  The good news is, you can choose which method you want to use. 
Q Will your filter work well for a fish pond or rainwater barrel?
A YES, some are in use in fish ponds and rain water barrels. It really depends on the dimensions of the filter your pump uses.  Many pumps use these standard filter sizes A through D.  You can click here to find the dimensions of some of the standard filters that an OrcaFilter should be interchangable with.
Q Does my OrcaFilter filter out bacteria, viruses and fungus?
A No.  Using a properly functioning filter will help eliminate organic material from the pool but this does not filter these little beasties from your pool.  A good chemical regimen is also needed to keep your pool (and pool users) healthy.
Q Where can I get additional information and Tips on using the OrcaFilter?
A Check out our YouTube Channel on installing your filter and for other tips and How-To's.
Q Will the OrcaFilter fit the Summer Escapes SFS series Skimmer Filter Pumps?
A Yes, but you will need an additional gasket and you should order the Type C filter as this includes the extra gasket. Check out our YouTube Channel for additional information on compatibility with the Summer Escapes SFS series Filter Pump.