Orca Filters 2-Stage Dust-Pollen Media (Size A/C)

$ 9.95

We have heard from some customers that the standard media that ships with the OrcaFilter sometimes misses fine dust and pollen in some environments. To address this  we have developed a 2-stage filter media which is a hybrid of a finer screen that wraps around the inner core attached to our standard media. The larger debris such as leaves and grass get stuck in the outer media and the finer particles get trapped by the DP media around the core.

Purchase this if you feel your standard media is not catching everything it should.

Filter media is 7-1/8" and 42" long and is the same chemical resistant, lead-free, fiberglass mesh screen that shipped with your original filter.  Includes spare bands.

Note that this does not include the filter housing and is the filter media only with replacement bands.

The filter media is Lead Free.