About Us

Thank you for visiting this web page.  We are a veteran-owned business and our products are made in the USA and create US jobs!

This Patented filter was developed when we bought a soft-sided pool.  We had purchased a soft-sided pool because of the price and ease of care.  We noticed after about a week the filter was dirty; we tried to clean it but it still didn't move water well.  For the pool to stay clean, the water and the chemicals must circulate.  If you have a dirty filter it will force the pump to work harder trying to move the chemicals and water and that's not good for the pump.

It turns out that most manufacturers recommend replacing cartridges every 2 weeks which at a typical cost of $4-$8 per cartridge, really adds up. We wondered, "What if we could save pool and spa owners from spending their hard-earned dollars on disposable filter cartridges which simply go in the land fill?".  We looked around for a cleanable filter but there just weren't any, so we set out to make one. After a lot of work we had a cleanable, reusable filter and it turns out, this was truly unique so we patented it. We have created THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE cleanable, reusable, and environmentally friendly pool/hot tub/spa filters available on the market.  We call our technique PureBlue and our patent is No. 7,115,204.  Our product is so effective and so durable we say its "The Last Filter You'll Ever Buy".

We are a group of hard-working folks, trying to help out others just like us.  The pool pump vendors seem a lot like inkjet printer-cartridge guys - they make all their money on printer cartridges!  We want to change that and help the environment at the same time as we save you money!

These re-usable filters are also good for other applications and we have had customers use them for fish ponds and rainwater barrel filtration.

If you have any questions, you can contact us here.