A/C Filters September 07 2020

Hey folks,

We are out of inventory at Amazon but we do have stock available via the Orca website. It will ship the same day typically. We will have inventory back in at Amazon in another couple of weeks.


New video about the new Dust-Pollen Media July 28 2020

Hey there folks,

Just wanted to let you know we have a new video that gives an overview of the new Dust-Pollen Media. It can be found here:

Enjoy and be sure to send us feedback.


DP Media now standard on A/C and B filters June 29 2020

Hey All,

So we decided to make the new 2-Stage DP media our standard media so you get it as part of the product. All orders placed in the last couple of weeks have included this and we have been shipping this into Amazon as well since mid June.

So if you place an order you will receive the DP media installed in the filter already.

We want your feedback on how this works for you so please make sure to email us and tell us what you think. We think this is a good upgrade for most customers. There may be situations where it is 'too good' but we think in general that it will provide better filtration over the majority of conditions. Note that you may need to clean it more frequently so be sure to check return-flow to your pool.


Product Availability June 26 2020

Hey All, we will have more AC filters available to ship from our location mid next week - July 1st, 2020. We have B filters available right now. Amazon will have B filters in stock (so you can save on shipping) in the coming days. AC's should be back in stock at Amazon in around 2 weeks. Take care and thanks for your patience. Mick

Product Availability Update June 21 2020

So we have been scrambling to get product built and shipped into Amazon. It takes about 10 days for products to become available from the time we ship them. We are out of B filters at Amazon and the inventory for A/C's is running low. Our stock for direct shipping from Orca (not Amazon) is out for A/C filters and we have a small number of B filters and we will ship those until we run out.

We will have plenty of inventory by June 28th for Shopify and then Amazon will be replenished by June 8th.  Feel free to place an order and we will ship it out once we have inventory in place.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We know this is frustrating, but we are working hard to get product in place. Mick

Stock at Amazon June 10 2020

We are back in stock at Amazon with more inventory heading in this week. Should be back to normal in the next week or so. Mick

NEW 2-Stage filter media now available May 28 2020

Hey there all, our new 2-Stage Dust Pollen media is now available for purchase on Amazon. Please let us know what you think of our new media as we are very keen to get your feedback.


New 2-stage Filter Media for Orca Filters for High Dust/Pollen environments May 18 2020

NEW 2-stage Filter Media for A/C and B filters

Our newest video which describes why you should buy an Orca Filter September 10 2019

When/How do I clean my filter? August 21 2015

Check out our new video on when and how to clean your filter!