Our newest video which describes why you should buy an Orca Filter September 10 2019

When/How do I clean my filter? August 21 2015

Check out our new video on when and how to clean your filter!

When should I clean my OrcaFilter? August 17 2015

So we have had a few folks as us how frequently they should clean their OrcaFilter and the answer is, it depends...

There are a lot of variations that drive the frequency of cleaning but it is typically when the pressure coming out of the pump drops too low indicating the filter screen is highly clogged. As we have mentioned previously, the filter actually works better as it gets clogged as more and more finer particles get caught in the screen. Some of our customers are cleaning their filters every other day as they have a lot of pollen in the pool from surrounding trees. Some are cleaning every couple of weeks.

Here is a photo from our test pool which shows a filter that was still working well but we cleaned it anyway. It had been in the pump for 4 days. The white filaments on the filter are dead algae following addition of an algaecide. You can see the filter did a fine job removing the dead algae and there was still a lot in the pump housing which will get caught once we get the filter screen cleaned off and re-installed. Again, get to know how your pump feels when the filter is first installed and then keeps tabs on it as the filter get dirty.

When you clean the filter, remember to pull the screen all the way out. We will post a video of this on YouTube so you can see how we clean the screens off.

OrcaFilters Compatibility with Summer Escapes SFS 1000 Filter Pump August 06 2015

Hey Filter Fans,

We have had some enquiries about the Summer Escapes SFS 1000 Swimming Pool Pump and whether or not it can use the OrcaFilter. The SE Filter Pump uses an extension underneath the skimmer basket which attaches to one end of the C-Type filter.  You can see this on the following image:

This is a pretty neat innovation in that the skimmer basket gets rid of a lot of the leaves and other coarse debris before hitting the filter.

The main difference between the A filter and the C filter which is what the Summer Escapes 1000GPH Skimmer Pump uses is the sealing flange on either end of the filter cartridge. In fact, many common filters say they are A/C (including ours) and here's the reason. If you look at the image below, you will see and additional sealing ring which has a diameter of 1.75" instead of the normal 2" (or 2-1/8").

In fact, the existing 2" Internal Diameter (ID) gasket that ships with your OrcaFilter will work, you just need to make sure that it is centered around the basket extension that goes into the top of the filter.  We are also in the process of making the smaller diameter gasket (1-3/4" ID) to accommodate this and will be happy to ship one to existing customers who have the SFS 1000 Filter Pump.  Available late August so contact us thru our contact page if you would like us to send you one.

Another issue that has come up is if the OrcaFilter is tall enough to properly seal in the SFS 1000 pump housing.  In some cases it may not and it may seem like the filter is loose in the filter housing.  It is simple to fix by adding an additional gasket but we only ship 2 gaskets in our standard product. If you contact us thru our contact page, and let us know your order number, we will be happy to send you an additional one at no charge.

We are also going to update our Order page to allow customers to include their pump model number so we can proactively ship additional gaskets and a smaller ID gasket.  Have a great summer and stay cool!  I also did a YouTube video to explain this which you can see here.

The Orca

B Filter Availability July 30 2015

Hey Filter Fans,

Just received word today that our B Filter should be ready around August 20. Assuming all goes well with the first shot testing, we are going to start taking orders for it on August 20.

Take care,

Orca Sales

New screen-loading video July 19 2015

Hey Folks,

We created a new video that describes how to effectively load a screen into the Orca Filter.  Check it out on:


B Filter Availability July 18 2015

Hey Filter Folks,

We have some great news for you.  We are proceeding with manufacture of the B filter and expect to have shippable product at the end of August.

I know, the season's almost over but we will have it for the tail end of the season and next year. We will start taking orders a week before its available. We have a 3D printed model which is being tested with a customer at the moment so when that comes back, we will be able to loan that out for other people to test. Contact us if you would like to test it.

Keep cool, 

Orca Sales

Interest in a B-Size filter May 14 2015

Hey Guys,

We have a prototype B filter that we are currently testing with a customer.  We would be really interested in hearing what the level of interest is for this size.  If you can please contact us and let us know if you are interested so we can gauge demand.  If we were going to go to production we would be looking at a July release.

Also we would like to hear from you if you are using our filters and find out how they are performing. Please leave us feedback on our feedback forum at the bottom of the A or C product page here.

The Orca Team

Second Production Run April 22 2015

Hey Filter Fans, just a quick note to let you know we have started our second production run for A/C filters. We have had a good response so far to our updated product and want to make sure we have enough inventory to ship as the season ramps up.  

In other news, we created our FaceBook page this week so that s operational.  Be sure to stop in on it and 'Like' it for us, it can be found here:

In yet other news, we have a video we thought we would share with you of the cores for the filter being made.

Pretty cool huh?  We want to include you in all our evolution of the product so stay tuned to see our next installment.

The Orca Team

Orca Filters are here! March 20 2015

Hey Everyone, we received our first batch of production filters today from our manufacturer. We are VERY pleased with the results and we are ready to ship a limited number of filters. We will update the store to accept orders in the next few days. We have managed to take some cost out of our product and are pleased to pass on the savings to you - we are reducing our pricing to $44.95.  

As a special introductory offer to celebrate our new product launch, we are making a special limited time offer of $39.95  for the first 250 customers. Step right up and purchase the meanest, greenest filter you'll ever never need to buy - in fact, its the last Easy-Set filter you'll ever need to buy!