Product Disclaimer (Stuff our lawyer says we need to tell you about!)

In this disclaimer:

Reference to ‘the Company’ shall be a reference to Orca Filters LLC, a private company incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado and shall include any subsidiaries of the Company;

Reference to ‘Product’ shall be a reference to any product sold or supplied by the Company, including any product developed by the Company or purchased by the Company from another source, to a third party, be that third party an individual, company or other body.

Reference to “Consumer” shall be a reference to the individual, company or other body that purchases the Product from the Company and does not extend to third parties whom may become the ultimate user of the Product.

  1. The provisions of this disclaimer shall be for the sole benefit of Orca Filters LLC.
  2. All Products sold or supplied are for use in swimming pool and pond water applications and should not be used for any other purpose.
  3. While the Product helps eliminate organic material from the water the Product is not designed, nor does the Company warrant, to eliminate any chemical, fungal, microbial, bacterial or viral agents from the pool water and so proper chemical treatment in the pool is also essential to create a safe swimming environment.
  4. Product does not prevent disease of any kind.
  5. Product does not filter chemicals or any hazardous material from water.
  6. Product is not intended for use in filtration of drinking water.
  7. The Consumer of any Product is continually responsible for the thorough verification of the potential risks associated with, and suitability for the use, of the Product.
  8. The Company provides no warranty, and it shall not be implied, whether through any Product description or otherwise, that any Product conforms to, or is suitable for any specific purpose
  9. The Company may recommend to a Consumer, a specific Product. These recommendations are based solely upon the information received by the Company by or on behalf of the Consumer. Therefore any recommendations by the Company to a Consumer in relation to any Product shall be provided only as an opinion, and shall not be construed as an express or implied warranty as to any recommendation given.
  10. The company takes no responsibility for damage to any third-party pool, equipment, or pump resulting from use of Product in or in conjunction with any third-party pool, equipment, or pump.
  11. The Company takes no responsibility for evaluating the safety or risk levels of any Product, nor has any Product been evaluated for its safety by US Food and Drug Administration, any government department, or any other agency.