Dis-Assembly and Cleaning

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Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel on installing your filter into the Summer Escapes SFS 1000 Filter Pump and for other tips and How-To's.

The whole advantage to an Orca® Filter is that it can be re-used and that means, it needs to be cleaned periodically. We recommend cleaning your filter every 2 weeks, but your actual mileage may vary so keep track on how much flow is coming through your pump. If in doubt, clean more frequently.

Check out our video which explains how to load the screen back into the filter here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15nEAxGNQeY

Cleaning your Orca® Filter is very straightforward:

Step 1:

Remove the OrcaFilter from the pump housing in the opposite way you installed it and then remove rubber bands.

Make sure to keep tabs on where all the gaskets and sealing rings go.


Step 2:

Take note of the way the filter screen is wrapped onto the housing.

Unwrap the filter screen from around the posts.  Pull the filter screen to unwrap it from the center core.  It will release easily.


Step 3:

Clean the screen and filter housing.  This can be done with a high-pressure nozzle on a garden hose and you can also us a nylon brush or kitchen scouring pad in warm water if you have stubborn build-up.  If you used any detergents, make sure to rinse thoroughly before re-assembly.

You don’t have to dry it.  Once it is clean of the debris build-up, it is ready to be re-installed into the filter.


Step 1:

To assemble the filter, one end of the filter screen (it doesn't matter which although if you are using our new DP Media, the finer screen needs to go in first) is laid against the center core with the remainder of the filter screen staying outside the vertical posts.

Feed the filter screen around the core and under the posts by pinching the filter screen against the core with thumb and index finger and rotating the core.

Once you have one wrap around the inner core the leading edge will catch under the filter screen as it’s feeding in. It might take some getting used to but it gets easier with practice!


Step 2:

Rotate the core until you have at least three complete turns so that the core has multiple wraps of the filter screen around it.  

Keep winding the core until there is about 23” of filter screen remaining outside the filter housing to allow a wrap around the outside posts.


Step 3:

Wrap the remaining 23” around the outside of the posts in the same direction as the wrap on the inside of the filter.

There is a connecting section of the filter screen between the inner and outer wraps. The trailing end of the filter screen should wrap once around the unit and lie half-way between 2 of the posts although this is not critical.


Step 4:

Re-attach the 3 chemical resistant rubber bands.  Put 2 rubber bands tight against each end cap and one in the middle.  

Be sure to keep the bands up against the underside of the end cap as there is a slightly raised lip that helps seal the filter screen against the end cap. 


 Step 5: 

Reinstall the filter into the pump housing and make sure to re-insert any gaskets that are needed.

Sit back, relax, have a home brew – you’ve earned it.  Take comfort in the fact you are helping the environment, saving money, and creating American jobs!