OrcaFilters Compatibility with Summer Escapes SFS 1000 Filter Pump August 06 2015

Hey Filter Fans,

We have had some enquiries about the Summer Escapes SFS 1000 Swimming Pool Pump and whether or not it can use the OrcaFilter. The SE Filter Pump uses an extension underneath the skimmer basket which attaches to one end of the C-Type filter.  You can see this on the following image:

This is a pretty neat innovation in that the skimmer basket gets rid of a lot of the leaves and other coarse debris before hitting the filter.

The main difference between the A filter and the C filter which is what the Summer Escapes 1000GPH Skimmer Pump uses is the sealing flange on either end of the filter cartridge. In fact, many common filters say they are A/C (including ours) and here's the reason. If you look at the image below, you will see and additional sealing ring which has a diameter of 1.75" instead of the normal 2" (or 2-1/8").

In fact, the existing 2" Internal Diameter (ID) gasket that ships with your OrcaFilter will work, you just need to make sure that it is centered around the basket extension that goes into the top of the filter.  We are also in the process of making the smaller diameter gasket (1-3/4" ID) to accommodate this and will be happy to ship one to existing customers who have the SFS 1000 Filter Pump.  Available late August so contact us thru our contact page if you would like us to send you one.

Another issue that has come up is if the OrcaFilter is tall enough to properly seal in the SFS 1000 pump housing.  In some cases it may not and it may seem like the filter is loose in the filter housing.  It is simple to fix by adding an additional gasket but we only ship 2 gaskets in our standard product. If you contact us thru our contact page, and let us know your order number, we will be happy to send you an additional one at no charge.

We are also going to update our Order page to allow customers to include their pump model number so we can proactively ship additional gaskets and a smaller ID gasket.  Have a great summer and stay cool!  I also did a YouTube video to explain this which you can see here.

The Orca