B Filter Availability July 30 2015

Hey Filter Fans,

Just received word today that our B Filter should be ready around August 20. Assuming all goes well with the first shot testing, we are going to start taking orders for it on August 20.

Take care,

Orca Sales

Second Production Run April 22 2015

Hey Filter Fans, just a quick note to let you know we have started our second production run for A/C filters. We have had a good response so far to our updated product and want to make sure we have enough inventory to ship as the season ramps up.  

In other news, we created our FaceBook page this week so that s operational.  Be sure to stop in on it and 'Like' it for us, it can be found here:

In yet other news, we have a video we thought we would share with you of the cores for the filter being made.

Pretty cool huh?  We want to include you in all our evolution of the product so stay tuned to see our next installment.

The Orca Team

Product Update Status - All good and on track for a March release January 26 2015

Hello Folks,

We just wanted to give you an update on our new filter design.  Things are proceeding well and we recently completed the final prototype review and validation and our tooling is in process.  We have also performed some additional performance testing on the prototype product and it has past with flying colors.  

We are still on track to be able to ship products in late March so we are very excited.

We expect to start taking orders in early March and start shipping product just in time for the start of the summer.

Stay tuned, 

The Orca Team