New 2-stage Filter Media for Orca Filters for High Dust/Pollen environments May 18 2020

We have been working on a new media option for our filters.

We have heard from some customers that the standard media that ships with the OrcaFilter sometimes misses fine dust and pollen in some environments. To address this  we have developed a 2-stage filter media which is a hybrid of a finer screen that wraps around the inner core attached to our standard media. The larger debris such as leaves and grass get stuck in the outer media and the finer particles get trapped by the DP media around the core.

We have recently (today) shipped our first stock into Amazon and it should be available in the next week or so and ready to be ordered.

We are very keen to hear back from customers so if you purchase one, please let us know how it is working for you.

Feedback from test customers has been very positive. Here is one comment:

"I love this filter. All the coarse stuff gets trapped in the outer layers and then the inner core media gets a kind of slime build-up that is very satisfying to clean out. Makes me think I am really getting all the small stuff. You should just ship this standard with all filters" - Cory

"Hello, I have tried multiple cycles with the new media filter. I absolutely love it. It clogs faster but that's unavoidable and shows that it's working. It seems to be removing much finer particles than the original from what I've seen. I'll be taking pictures next time I clean my filter to post a review on Amazon as well. I was actually going to email you and inquire about purchasing one more fine media filter as I would like to solely cycle between two of those." - Steve

So based upon what you tell us we may just do that but in the meantime, you can purchase one here and "Give it a dance" as we like to say here in Colorado when we try out a new beer :-)